How to Find Great Crawfish Delivery Companies

Crawfish delivery companies are a dime a dozen in some parts of the United States. But not all are made equal. While we believe that most online seafood businesses have the best of intentions, some just aren’t as reliable or high-quality as others. Still, if you’re trying to buy a few pounds of crawfish online, figuring out which companies are worth trying can be tough. Buying seafood online might seem tough. After all, you don’t have the ability to pick up and smell the fish they’re hocking. But buying online has its own benefits. You can tell a lot about a company by their website – what they do and don’t choose to share. If you’re curious about what to prioritize in your search for the best crawfish delivery companies, here’s an easy checklist you can use to eliminate contenders.

  • They should be transparent about how and where they source their crawfish.
  • There should be clear instructions for how to order crawfish online.
  • They should include notes about seasonal availability. Crawfish is a very seasonal seafood, so companies who ship year-round are probably only selling the frozen stuff.
  • There should be a clear pathway for requesting customer service help.
  • They should have some sort of refund or money-back guarantee.

If your crawfish company meets all of the above criteria, congratulations – you’ve got yourself a winner.  

How Do I Know If I’m Getting a Good Deal?

If you’re new to buying crawfish – or any seafood – online, getting ripped off is probably your biggest concern. In our experience, these companies don’t try to nickel and dime their customers. Most regional crawfish delivery companies are mom-and-pop situations, and they care more about customer retention that acquisition. If you find a crawfish company you like, you’re probably going to stick with them for the long haul. That said, there are a few dollar guidelines we have for folks new to the crawfish world. Depending on your company’s order minimum, you’ll likely be paying between $8 and $15 per pound. Some of this pricing also depends on whether the company rolls shipping costs into the per-pound rate, or if they charge a separate fee. Regardless, if somebody is charging you more than $20 per pound for  premium or select crawfish, well… those crustaceans better be damn delicious.  

Try Crawfish from These Companies

This section of our site is a work-in-progress. We’ll bring you links and info about our favorite crawfish delivery companies soon. For now, consider checking out these providers.

Company Min. Order Price/lb (Value) Price/lb (Select) Price/lb (Jumbo) Shipping Go To
Cajun Grocer 30 lbs $6.29 $6.79 N/A FREE
Lousiana Crawfish Company 5 lbs $11.99 $10.99 N/A FREE
The Crab Place 3 lbs N/A N/A $11.00 $29.25
Cameron’s Seafood 5 lbs (cooked) N/A N/A $11.99 $39.99