How to Find the Right Crawfish Pots for Your Boil

Ordering live crawfish delivery means you must have your crawfish pots ready as soon as the crustaceans arrive. If you have ever been to a crawfish boil, you know how fun it can be to gather with friends and family members while cooking these delicious pieces of seafood. You can enjoy the delicious tastes of the crawfish mixed with the flavors of corn and sausage family-style while it is laid out on a newspaper. But in order to have an effective crawfish boil, you have to have the right type of pot to cook everything. Plus, we will always recommend getting your pot and spices ready in advance.


Consider Sizing

It is first important to determine the size that you need for your crawfish boil. There are countless sizes of crawfish pots. You need something that will hold at least two quarts of water for every pound of crawfish that you are intending to cook. You should divide the quart capacities of the pot you are looking at in half to determine if it will fit the number of crawfish you are planning to cook. If you have 30 pounds of crawfish, for instance, you want a 60-quart pot to cook everything in for your 10 guests.


Consider Pricing

It is also important to consider the pricing of crawfish pots. The larger the pot is, the more it will cost. If you do not want to spend so much money on a large pot, cook your crawfish in multiple batches divided into a smaller pot.


Types of Crawfish Pots

Crawfish pots are typically made of two different types of materials: aluminum or stainless steel. Each has advantages. Aluminum pots are typically more lightweight and can collect more heat so that your water will heat up faster. They are also significantly less expensive than stainless steel pots. Still, these more expensive alternatives have their own benefits. These pots are more easily cleaned, and they will last much longer due to their incredible durability. When you buy a stainless steel pot, you can feel confident that it will last for decades.


Additional Features

The final thing to consider when looking for a crawfish pot is that it has a steamer basket and a handle. The steamer basket should be able to strain the water, and the handle can help you in lifting out the crawfish. This will help you avoid getting burnt by the boiling water. It will also help you avoid dropping the crawfish.


Shop Around for Your Perfect Pot

Choosing crawfish pots is one of the most important tasks when it comes to hosting a crawfish boil. Determine the price point you want to stick to, as well as how many crawfish you are intending to cook. You should also figure out if you would rather have a more durable pot that is made from stainless steel or a more affordable and lightweight pot that is made from aluminum. No matter the type you choose, make sure it has a steamer basket with a handle. This will help you stay safe and strain water from your crawfish easily. And, once you’ve found the perfect pot, be sure to find the best crawfish company for your needs.