How is Live Crawfish Delivered to Your Door?

There are companies throughout the United States, mostly located in Louisiana, where you can make an order for a crawfish online delivery. This order goes directly to the company that helps in the harvesting of crawfish or directly to a fisherman who sells crawfish. Some of these companies offer the option for the crawfish to be precooked, while others send live crustaceans. When you place your order, you simply have to enter the amount you want. This ensures you meet the minimum requirement, pay for shipping, and wait for the live crawfish delivered to your door.


Company Min. Order Price/lb (Value) Price/lb (Select) Price/lb (Jumbo) Shipping Go To
Cajun Grocer 30 lbs $6.29 $6.79 N/A FREE
Lousiana Crawfish Company 5 lbs $11.99 $10.99 N/A FREE
The Crab Place 3 lbs N/A N/A $11.00 $29.25
Cameron’s Seafood 5 lbs (cooked) N/A N/A $11.99 $39.99


Where Do the Crawfish Ship From?

Within the United States, Louisiana is the primary location for over 95% of all crawfish orders. This means you’ll receive a true Cajun crawfish delivery. The peak season for these crawfish to be harvested in Louisiana and elsewhere is within March, April, or May depending on how warm it is outside. You can get your live crawfish delivered to your door anywhere in the United States except for Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, Michigan, and Idaho. In Oregon and Idaho, you can ask for a permit to order these crawfish to have a true southern boil at your home.  

How Much Crawfish Does Each Person Need?

If you are serving sides or other meats with your crawfish, you can order 3-5 pounds per person. If you are serving the crawfish alone with a light side, opt for more than 5-7 pounds per person. To put this in perspective, a restaurant typically gives about three pounds of crawfish with one entrée. You may even want to order a bit extra. Guests might be hungry, and family members may want seconds after eating their first serving’s worth.  

Preparing for the Crawfish Delivery

When you get live crawfish delivered to your door, you need to make certain preparations. Be ready to cook your crawfish close to the time that they arrive. If this is not possible, you need to keep the crawfish alive. Place them in a cooler with ice and towels, being sure to keep bright sunlight away from the cooler. Leave the drain to the cooler open and cover the crawfish with the ice and towels. You want to allow for some air to enter the cooler as well by cracking it open just slightly.  

Ordering Crawfish is Easy

It can be exciting to have live crawfish delivered to your door, but you have to make certain preparations to ensure they are safe to eat. Host your seafood boil soon after delivery or keep them on ice within a cooler. You want them as fresh as they were when they were caught. Be sure to maintain communication with the company or the fishermen who packaged your crawfish for you to ensure your shipment receives safe handling. These professionals are sure to take care of the crawfish if you deliver from a trustworthy individual or company.